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How to drop ammo from a weapon?

  • How to drop ammo from a weapon? This code does not work, and I do not know why.

    Hash weap = GTA.Native.Function.Call<Hash>(GTA.Native.Hash.GET_SELECTED_PED_WEAPON, Game.Player.Character);
    Hash ammo = GTA.Native.Function.Call<Hash>(GTA.Native.Hash.GET_PED_AMMO_TYPE_FROM_WEAPON, Game.Player.Character, weap);
    GTA.Native.Function.Call(GTA.Native.Hash.SET_PED_AMMO_TO_DROP, Game.Player.Character, ammo, 100);

    The documentation says that SET_PED_AMMO_TO_DROP takes ammoType and number of ammo. I get the ammoType hash with the native function GET_PED_AMMO_TYPE_FROM_WEAPON.

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