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A Temporary work around after the July 2022 update (Steam)

  • I use 3 GTA V Directories. Two modded and one with LSPDFR installed. This is only gonna work if you were in the habit of backing up your entire directory on an external hard drive. I usually do this every 5 or six mod installments. If the files become corrupt, just delete the entire directory and reinstall the saved directory.

    I learned this the hard way.

    After letting Steam update one of my modded directories to this last DLC. And installing the new ScriptHookV, packFile limit adjuster, and Game Config, I still got the "Unable to find pattern #15" error.

    I am of the mind that this update screwed up a bunch of stuff for us mod users and I will probably have to delete everything including Open IV and start with a fresh install. I've only been using GTAV for a year now, and this would be my third DLC Update. LS Tuners and the Contract were an easy fix. This one is different.

    I experimented to see if Steam would notice my other directory and update it as well. It didn't. Then I tried to load the game. The game loaded with the old scripts and worked. So I went back to the updated directory and deleted it. Reloaded it, rebooted the computer to se if Steam would re-update that directory. It didn't. Loaded the game and it worked. I haven't tried reverting my LSPDFR directory yet. So I don't know about that.

    I was able to use both directories at different times with the old scripts and play the game. However, you will not get the updated vehicles, peds, etc. I closed the game, shut down the computer, restarted it, signed on to Steam and it didn't update. Loaded the game and it worked on the old scripts.

    So, I will just play it like this as long as Steam lets me. I will probably do a fresh install after the December DLC. If you already know this then okay. If you don't, now you do.

    Gaming For Life on YouTube has a tutorial on how to use multiple directories. I greatly suggest you take a look at that and other tutorials before you try this. If you're not comfortable, them don't do it. I'm not responsible if is this doesn't work for you, or if you screw something up.

    As always, your Mileage May Vary.


  • @oldtimergamer6351 I'm glad this worked for you but unfortunately your post could cause more confusion on this issue. You're making quite a few statements that are inaccurate or just unnecessary advice.

    1. You don't need multiple directories. I have over 14 "versions" of the game, all sharing the same directory, all sharing the same dlc. Minimal duplication, minimal waste of hard drive space. I do this for stability because you can't load SA, LC, and 50 other maps and race tracks without significant drops in FPS or outright crashes. You can enable or disable asi or scripts through batch files. The major difference is the dlclist.xml entries, what each version chooses to load. I also have FiveM local host sharing the same resources.

    2. Files generally don't become corrupt unless you crash constantly. I turn off autosave to prevent GTA5 from crashing during an autosave and possibly corrupting a file. In 2 years of modding and likely over 1000 hours of testing I've had one corrupt file, my save game.

    3. Reinstalling, as is backing up every single file, is a total waste of time and backing up the entire folder is a waste of disk space. A verify integrity is all you need to do and you seldom need to do it. I have never had a verify integrity that didn't fix a missing file.

    4. The only files you need to backup are the ones you customize including scripts you may have written, addons no longer available or precious to you, and your save game. Obviously back up dlclist.xml since it is customized by yourself.

    5. Reinstalling Open IV or any personal files for whatever reason, particularly under the conspiracy theory that Rockstar is intentionally corrupting those files, is total nonsense. Have never seen a solution after an update or for any issue which was fixed by reinstalling OpenIV.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for the advice. I'm just sharing what worked for me. I did have an issue that verifying the files did not fix. One was after uninstalling the bus simulator mod. It just didn't work right. It corrupted something to the point I could not play the single player missions or interact with any of the main characters. The game still crashed. So I deleted the directory and installed the saved one and everything worked. It was my last resort.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah dawg you know ya shit fo sure.

    Respectfully tho...

    That verify integrity thing doesn't seem to work for me ages ago when I had issues both on Epic and Steam. After doing it Epic and Steam said all files checked fine etc or whatever it says I cant remember but naw didn't work.

    Granted ima dumb kid so could have been doing wrong but yeah no dice with that so had to -re-download the entire game from scratch lol.

  • @gtavjamal you're absolutely right. The odds a verify integrity fixes a modding issue are slim because 99% of the time it's human error.

    I suggest it to rule out other issues and hopefully the user will realize they're the cause of the problem.

    I would rather they waste 15 minutes doing a verify rather than reinstalling gbs on a slow as crap Steam or Epic server. Reinstalling GTA5 is as effective as doing SFA. The biggest morons are the ones who reinstall Windows and all their applications any time they have an issue.

    Bottom line is people prefer to blame the game or Rockstar rather than admit they screwed up. That's why the most common comment in all the mod comment sections is "your mod doesn’t work, please fix it".

    Hell, some have no clue how to unzip.

    On a ped mod page, a guy actually asked "where does this ped spawn? I can't find it."

    No joke.

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