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Script Hook V .NET deleting himself

  • Donlowded Script Hook .NET, and mod HomeInvasion 2.0
    Ran game and saw, that file ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll was deleted without my permission
    I deleted mod and tryied again, the file still deleting when world starting
    Antivirus is off
    Also donlowded Menyoo, Script Hook V, Asi loader and NativeUI

    Logs Script Hook V .NET https://pastebin.com/XKVEe8pD

    Logs Script Hook V https://pastebin.com/vEP21NM9

    Logs Menyoo trainer https://pastebin.com/GAu3Fh5g

  • @Qwerty_1821 said in Script Hook V .NET deleting himself:

    Donlowded Script Hook .NET, and mod HomeInvasion 2.0

    Sounds like you have RootFolderInvasion mod loaded. Im kidding.

    Files do not delete themselves and unless you installed some malicious script that targets that specific file there isn't any explanation.

    Check the asiloader log file, in passing this has nothing to do with Menyoo.

  • @Qwerty_1821 as i wrote before, files do not delete themselves. Either you're looking at the wrong folder, your extensions aren't visible in Windows, you mistakenly made the file a hidden one, or unlikely as hell you have a malicious script installed.

  • @JohnFromGWN But if it's was hidden, mods was working
    They aren't

  • @Qwerty_1821 rename your scripts folder temporarily, reinstall scripthookvdotnet, start the game and see if the file is deleted.
    Make sure files are all in the same folder as GTA5.exe.
    Report back if file is still deleted. If that's the case, it would be a malicious asi script.

    Which version of GTA5 do you have? Steam, Epic, Retail, or pirated?

  • @Qwerty_1821
    Do what @JohnFromGWN says, but if still having issues, additionally run a disk check on your GTA V install hard drive to rule out any file system issues.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    On pirated game, i swiched scripts folder to scriptses111 folder, reinstall SHV .NET and dll file was not deleted, but im sure that mods still don't working, even though I didn't check, so what next?

  • xD

    Bad news...

  • @Qwerty_1821 I was right, game is pirated. You get what you paid for. For legal and ethical reasons, this site does not allow support for pirated games.

    Hopefully you don't have malware installed on your PC.

    What's next? Get a part time job and buy the game.

  • @a63nt-5m1th i think malwarebytes might be more appropriate in this instance.

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