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Extended Weapon Wheel

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    You can now eat snacks and put on armor using the Weapon Wheel, just like in GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises.

    Snacks and armor can be found in the houses of the characters (you can see the location in the screenshots). You can only take one body armor and a limited number of snacks with you (snack limits are the same as in GTA Online).

    There is support for both the keyboard and controller, but you can not change the purpose of the buttons in the settings yet. This will be resolved in the next version, if the mod will be in demand.

    Creating stores

    I need your help. You need to create as many stores as possible where you can buy snacks.

    To do this, you need to open the file ShopList.ini

    The data of each store are placed on a new line and have the following format:

    shopN = x,y,z

    N is the serial number of the store. Strictly in order from one.
    x,y,z - coordinates separated by comma, without spaces.

    It is necessary to set the coordinates next to the shopkeeper, where purchases in the original game take place.



    • Now you can buy snacks in stores. So far only two stores are available, but you can add new stores yourself in the ShopList.ini file
    • You can now discard any weapon through the Weapon Wheel.
    • Fixed a bug that made it possible to refill armor and snacks without the Weapon Wheel.
    • Fixed a bug where armor and snacks could be used while talking on the phone or in the car.
    • Fixed bug in the Russian localization, when the text in the weapon selector was in English.


    • You can now reassign buttons in the game settings: Settings > GTA Online > "Eat Snack (In Weapon Wheel)" and "Use Armor (In Weapon Wheel)"
    • Added snacks and armor to Aunt Franklin's house
    • Disabled keyboard debug mode, the accidental activation of which caused loss of health and armor

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