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has Menyoo been updated

  • was wondering if anyone knows if menyoo has been updated. i go on the mod page it says it hasent been updated since 2019. but at the top of the pinned comment it says download the updated version of the mod. when i go to the website click on where i says Menyoo.zip and it says "{"message":"Artifacts download limit (1024 MB/day) exceeded."}". dont know what that is would like some help

  • @vitogb12 that site for whatever reason has been broken for as long as i know.

  • @vitogb12 To back up John, nope not since December 21 and it won't be according to the creator unless someone else does so. There are a couple of guys who have that are 'reliable', but not 100% thorough (i.e. putting everything from an update in the trainer.) Unfortunately, they aren't allowed to post here anymore so you'll have to dig around to find them. Be advised: there are others who say they update Menyoo, but....

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