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What is the process of converting mods from other games for use in GTA 5?

  • How is it done?

  • @oldtimergamer6351 Your best bet is to do a Google search. If you have aspirations of doing this yourself you will hopefully be highly skilled in 3d modeling software such as 3dsmax or blender or maya etc. The software that is most commonly use is zmodeler.

    If you don't have 3d experience but wish to pursue this, the learning curve will be steep. Not everyone does well in a 3d environment.

    And of course being competent with 3d modeling, well that's just the prerequisite. You'll need to learn different tools, use different plugins, and often end up with lots of issues. You also need expertise in both 2d and 3d textures, sound, animation, etc.

    Also maps, peds, and vehicles require different knowledge. Peds are particularly challenging because they need to be rigged and animated properly and the skeletons from other game engines are different from those of RAGE.

    This explains why there are many great car conversions but very few good ped conversions.

    As for interiors and maps, most users don't have the required skills so they create junk in xml.

  • @JohnFromGWN Cool. Since adding mods to my game, I became interested to learn in how certain files operated. What does what and how. What not to do. I guess that's the firefighter in me lol. We're always trying to figure how stuff works. It definitely looks like a hell of a steep learning curve. Not to mention designing a car or truck from thin air into something that looks like the real one and actually works. It's a talent for sure. It makes you appreciate the effort these modders go through for free in most instances so we can still enjoy the game, and add some realism to it. In addition to that, having folks like yourself helping us noobs on how to work this stuff. You guys are an asset to this community. I got a lot of ideas for some Los Angeles / Southern California region fire apparatus where I'm from. But that's another story. Thanks for the response.

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