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[SCRIPT] Driving With One Hand

  • Can somebody please create a mod to where you can drive with one hand on the steering wheel. It would give it more of a realistic look and way of driving. I bet a lot of people would want to see this mod.

  • A more realistic look...? Where have you been in driving school? xD

    It would be cool to switch between different styles though. I also think this is rather an animation and not a script mod

  • It should be simple, I guess, since there is a one-hand-steering animation used when cruising in a lowrider car in Online, and it just happens to work in SP too, unless R* patched it out. So we either need to force the game to always use it or simply manually play it. There are also similar animations added in Bikers update which play when cruising on motorcycles, but these do not work in SP, sadly.

  • Nice idea !

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