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"Need Help" Arrest Ped V Mod and Menyoo Question

  • Arrest Ped V mod crashes at loading screen. Installation is very simple and all videos just show it being dragged into gta's root folder.
    I have all the requirements scripthookv scripthookvdotnet and nativeui. ReadMe instructions doesnt say anything else nor does the video's. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue or if the files need to go somewhere else. I put them in the scripts folder but it doesnt do anything in game but it also doesnt crash at the loading screen. I was wondering if there was somthing to modify in the .ini but it doesnt really show any options for an enable button or anything like that.

    Menyoo Question....does anyone know why i cant keep my engine turned off? as soon as i click the engine off button it will just automatically start the engine back up. Ive played with all the settings and put everything back to normal but it will always auto restart the engine.

  • Nevermind i figured it out. In my stupidity i forgot to put my update2.rpf back in my mods folder lol

  • Menyoo question is still valid though

  • @shadowofd3ath21 Do you also have 'Simple Trainer' installed as well? For whatever reason it takes 'point' on many of the basic functions of the game when you have other trainers. If you have 'vehicle godmode' on or 'auto repair' on in any trainer, you won't be able to keep the engine off.

  • @iammistahwolf i dont have simple trainer just menyoo...and i triple checked to make sure any godmode type setting was off, i just cant figure it out lol its not like a big deal, but its like why lol.
    Do you think simple trainer would help?

  • @iammistahwolf would you possibly know why my game crashs everytime i change a main characters cloths from the menyoo options. It only happens with the main characters, peds its works just fine.

  • @shadowofd3ath21 Simple Trainer is good for maintaining the 'basics' for running the game. Menyoo is great for building, making characters and animating props and peds. I know it crashes when you have the 'MP Clothes' mod in and you try to change the outfits if using the Freemode peds. First I've heard of it crashing with the main peds (which I never use.) The workaround for the freemode crash is to spawn in a freemode ped with spooner after the game starts. Set your character up and then select 'soul steal' in the ped menu. After that, you should be able to change outfits 3-5x before the game shits. Try spawning a main character ped and then soul steal. That might help.

  • @iammistahwolf thanks man ill give it a try

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