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GTA IV drug delivery side-mission [SCRIPT]

  • I always wanted a script where IV's drug delivery missions are reimplemented in GTA V, I think it'll be a great addition to this game.

    Instead of Little Jacob, it should be Lamar.

    Reason why is that Lamar has his weed shop called "LD Organics", and I think it could be a good spot for the drug vehicles you need to take.

    Or maybe instead of him, it could also be an extension for the "Smoke On The Water" weed shop.
    Whichever is fine with me.

    Missions should 3 different outcomes, one where you're on a time limit, another where a rival gang know about the drop-off location and try to kill the player, and one where the cops bust the deal.

    Drug vehicles used during missions should be rusty vehicles as it was in GTA IV, maybe have IVPack support for the Vigero and Sabre, to give it that IV feel.

    Rewards should vary on how many of these missions you completed.
    I'll have to think on what they can be.

    I'll post pics of where the vehicles should be when starting the mission, and where they need to be later on.

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