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Clothes without YDD

  • Hello. I'm trying to add new clothes in my fivem server but some of the clothes that I can find here doesn't have .ydd files. How can I make it work? Tried just putting all textures to a folder but it really seems to be needing .ydd. Hoping anyone can help. Thank you.

  • @jigsyjigs https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/38838/spawning-3-kinds-of-peds-in-fivem

    Describe your process. Did you rename all the files? Or just blindly dump them in a folder?

  • What I do is use gtautils, I reserved 100 for every clothing and props.

    For example this one:

    It doesn't have ydd. What I actually do is I make a folder named "0" with the textures inside, then make the ydd to "0" too.

  • @jigsyjigs That's not what I was asking. Did you rename your files for FiveM or did you just dump them in a folder and expect it to work?

    Are you using streamed, normal, or addonpeds?

    A normal, 4 or 5 file ped is not a problem.

    Streamed and addonpeds need renaming of files.

    To do this you need a batch file rename utility.

    I use this one, free and safe.


    edit: Ok, i just downloaded your mod and these are just texture files. Given they are for MP, if you follow the instructions from the mod, and do the installation in the game folder, not the mods folder (backup first), it should work with FiveM given this is not a mod ped, it's a game ped. You can definitely do a replace but I don't know if FiveM will recognize the additional slots - I doubt it - as it uses your vanilla folder and I'm assuming the gtautils is a mod?

    There must be a way to convert but I don't use the MP, well just the male and rarely.

  • Sorry if I wasn't able to answer your question. I'm kinda new to this but I managed to add like 50 custom per mp gender.

    When looking for clothes I'm searching "mp male" or "mp female" then of course I change all textures (yft) name to 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. Then I would normally add the .ydd outside with the same name of the folder of the textures.

    Yes gtautils is what I'm using: https://github.com/indilo53/gtautil


    There's a lot of good clothing but ydd is missing, I don't know what should I do. I kinda know it should work in FiveM since its for MP model.

  • @jigsyjigs I thought you were adding regular mod peds.

    I'm sorry but I'm not familiar at all with that utility. If you do the changes as if you were playing SP, but make them in the game folder, not the mods folder, will it work with FiveM? Have you tried that?

    You can also try, if I understand you correctly, to manually add slots.


  • I don't do SP too hahaha. It seems we both do different stuffs. I'm kinda desperate to learn on how to fix this or manage to add those clothing since it's cool.

    Actually, I already have more than 50+ clothing in male and female.
    I don't replace the existing clothing, I do add slots for them.

    But I'm having trouble on how would I add those clothing without YDD.

  • @jigsyjigs I do both, FiveM and SP, but I can't stand the MP female and I only use the MP male occasionally.

    Keep in mind, FiveM is using your SP vanilla game. That's why I'm suggesting you mod your game folder directly (which is normally bad advice).

  • Ah you mean I should add those textures in vanilla clothing?

    If that so can you show me how even with just a links?

  • @jigsyjigs I tried and sorry but I was wrong.

    FiveM checks for integrity and will not allow you to mod the vanilla game files. In fact, it would not even allow me to restore the individual textures. I had to restore the mpexecutive folder from a backup.

    So that doesn't work. You'll have better luck on the FiveM forums. I rarely use game peds, my experience is only addon peds with FiveM.

  • Thank you so much for your effort!

  • @jigsyjigs said in Clothes without YDD:

    I don't replace the existing clothing, I do add slots for them.
    But I'm having trouble on how would I add those clothing without YDD.

    I assume you saying, let's say a clothe has 6 textures originally and you want to add 2 more textures to it but the game doesn't see the newly added 2 textures.

    If that's the case, I suggest following the @JohnFromGWN 's https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/37004/basic-ped-ymt-editing-components-clothes-textures/5 tutorial.

    At Editing the XML from the YMT he shows how to enable new texture slots.

    Then follow the rest to reimport xml as ymt.

    There is however one curicial thing you need to know. Now I have never dealt with MP peds much but it seems like game is using same model/texture names for in every dlcpack but each one is a different clothe. And in all these dlcpacks I see a ymt file for both female and male MP ped. So there is no 1 master ymt file that contains everything in it like can be seen in addon peds but this file is divided into multiples instead. So you have to do this for the particular ymt file every time.

    In the mod you linked, author says to put the files at mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpexecutive\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpexecutive_female.rpf\mp_f_freemode_01_mp_f_executive_01 , so mpexecutive dlcpack is the place where you need to modify ymt file for this mod.

    I don't understand why shitstar chose this way of adding new clothes but it's a pretty dumb idea that complicates things when it comes to modding. But hey, they hate modding anyway :slight_smile: So I'm not suprised one bit ..

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