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1.0.2699 Infinite loading screen problem

  • Could somebody help me please, after the new version released I already update all the plugins such as the gameconfig and packfile limit adjust. However it’s still loading forever, and it works fine without mods with the system32 dinput8. All the mods were dead now?? Thanks.

  • @llmmm said in 1.0.2699 Infinite loading screen problem:

    it works fine without mods with the system32 dinput8.

    Do you understand why it runs fine without mods when you replace the dinput8.dll packaged with SH5 with the one from system32?

    It's very simple. The one with SH5 (aka the asiloader in OpenIV) is the file that allows you to play mods.

    The one from system32 is the one that does nothing at all for mods.

    So you will not be able to fix your game nor play mods ever again with your version of dinput8.dll.

    Solution? Stop blindly following advice from morons and pranksters and read some of the tutorials here to understand the basics of modding. Once you understand the function and reasons for a few key files, you will never get sucked in again and you'll be in a position to fix most issues yourself.

    Reinstall dinput8.dll if you ever want to play again and explore the threads here for possible solutions. This community has expertise and bullshit is called out and debunked quickly.

    Unfortunately there are no one size fits all solutions, which is why i encourage you to educate yourself on the basics of modding, the key files required to run.

  • Thanks a lot mate, I m quite new for this game and I ll try to figure it out. I decided to ask here because I found many others also found the similar problems after the update. Anyway thanks for telling me that!

  • I had the same problem. I finally found out what was the problem: When the game updates, the files in the mods folder remain untouched. And the answer might lie in that. I updated my mods folder, and everything worked properly!

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