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How do convert replacement weapons to addon weapons?

  • https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/222/tutorial-vehicles-weapons-how-to-do-add-on-s-replacer-s/25

    This has a tutorial only for the melee weapons but not the guns(Even though a method for guns is mentioned in it). Also, it says that you can convert melee and assualt weapons(At first I thought it meant rifles but I read comments and it seems like it's talking about any type of gun). Here's the relevant text:

    Melee Weapons DLC Folder Same as before, but this one is provided by @yeahhmonkey and should work better. Basic

    Assault Weapons DLC Folder Here you can put only Assault (gunfire) weapons. Again provided by @yeahhmonkey. Basic

    Anyways, even the tutorial for converting replacement melee weapons to addon weapons has a dead link to something that is stated as important to make things work.

    Are there any updated articles/tutorials regarding this? And if not does anyone know how to do this stuff?

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