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Gameconfig file causes ERR_FIL_PACK_3, immediate crash on startup.

  • Re: Crash: ERR_FIL_PACK_3 <> gameconfig.xml

    I isolated my mod load list crash down to a single file Gameconfig.xml. I am wondering if anyone knows what this might be, and how to fix it because I cannot mod my game at this point anymore. The latest Gameconfig.xml available online is from 10 days ago, we had a GTA 5 Update just a few days ago so now my game is totally piped. So, my game is running out of memory or something because without this my game visually bugs out because things cannot load and eventually crashes, and with it I cannot start up and play. So, hopefully someone can help out, thanks.

  • @Squirrelz Update your packfile limit adjuster mod.

  • @JohnFromGWN Should already be the latest version, but I've heard other people say the Game is crashing now and Gameconfig.xml doesn't work anymore, so these mods apparently need to be updated.

  • @Squirrelz

    Everything you did looks good. The reason i said packfile update is because that's a classic packfile error even though GTA5 error messages are often wrong. The packfile mod was updated after the update.

    You eliminated mods and scripts however you didn't remove your asi files, the non essential ones.

    It was nice to see you installed your gameconfig.xml after updating update.rpf, ensuring a proper install.

    Question. If you disable dinput8.dll, does your game run properly?

    Other than that, try different settings for gameconfig.xml, but continue testing with mods and scripts folders renamed. Move the asi files out temporarily as well.

    Only nitpicks, but you don't need both heap mods installed and why are your rpf files associated with 7z when it can't extract encrypted packages? Neither of these issues would cause the crash however.

    Again, does game run pure vanilla?

    Two more things. Remember to update your dlclist.xml given you overwrote it, and yes I realize your mods folder is disabled during testing and you already know it has to be updated. Comment is more for new users watching.

    Likewise, i under reinstalling as a desperate measure but it is no better than a verify integrity and takes significantly longer. Neither a reinstall or a verify integrity will fix a corrupt save game, which potentially can happen after numerous crashes.

    Finally, and this bothers me, you installed something to bypass normal launch. This is another variable which needs to be eliminated particularly since Steam only forces an update once, so don't see why you use a hack.

  • @JohnFromGWN i want to compliment you on your video. In my time here that's the first time I've seen an issue so well documented and explained. Normally we get:

    My game broke, please HELPPPP.

    This approach you took should be the standard for requesting help effectively.

  • Thanks and yeah I try to make it easier because I've had the same issues with helping people before. I just did another integrity check, this time it is saying '1 file missing'... now it is working just fine. I just don't understand how I had a corrupt MD5 after reinstalling the game a day ago. I am literally facepalming right now haha

    I would say the most likely mistake when I was dealing with my modding is I could have deleted an integral dll file from my main GTA folder somehow while sorting out asi's or plugins. That would make sense because I haven't been overwriting any gamefiles. Super ridiculous on my part.

  • @Squirrelz no reason to show the verify integrity.

    First step is always, suggested, to ensure game still runs unmodded. This rules out hardware issues such as memory and software issues such as updating video drivers etc.

    By renaming dinput8.dll you easily revert to a vanilla mode for testing purposes.

    It is rare that asi mods cause issues, but again you want to rule out all mods and eventually conflicts between mods. Best to temporarily remove the asi mods for testing (once you've restored dinput8.dll) because the asiloader (dinput8.dll) will load or attempt to load any file with an asi extension.

    Glad you're getting help on discord, hopefully their suggestion was not to reinstall the game, because that's equivalent to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows and apps, because that's terrible advice and should be a last resort.

    If you're interested, this is how I recommend troubleshooting. Have to admit this update has been the most problematic.


    The following suggestions will give you a great starting point for troubleshooting a GTA5 game that was working but no longer works. If your game never worked properly in the first place, start at the top of this post and read it entirely or just the sections that apply to you. Most importantly, make sure your folder structure is correct and the installations are in the right folders and paths.

    If your game is now suddenly broken (crash, hangs, etc):

    Troubleshooting Guide
    Step 1. Run the game without mods. You want to rule out any hardware, PC software, or game file issues and ensure your game runs stably in vanilla mode - without any mods - no scripts, no addons, no trainers. You don't need to uninstall anything at this point. Instructions: Simply rename dinput8.dll which you will find in your root folder (where GTA5.exe is) to dinput8.bak and start your game. If your game nows runs properly without mods and without incident, move to the next step. You now know your game itself is fine. If it doesn't run, start with a Verify Integrity, and worst case a complete reinstall with a new saved game file as well.
    Step 2. Disable your scripts folder. You want to rule out script or script conflict issues. Instructions: First ensure dinput8.dll has been renamed to its original name, then rename your scripts folder to Xscripts (or whatever you want). Again start your game. If your game runs stably with the scripts folder disabled, you know the problem is with one or a combination of scripts. Uninstall them, one or in small groups, and reinstall until you find the problem. If your game still doesn't run while all your scripts are disabled, you can now suspect the Mods Folder.
    Step 3. Disable your mods folder. You want to rule out addon mod or mod conflict issues. The mods folder includes key files such as dlclist.xml, gameconfig.xml, and your Dlcpacks folder with addon peds, vehicles, etc. Instructions: First rename the scripts folder back to its original name, then rename the Mods folder to XMods (or whatever you want). You do not need to edit dlclist.xml. Just start your game. If your game runs with the mods folder disabled, you have an issue with one or a combination of mods. Once more, uninstall them, one or in small groups, and reinstall until you find the problem. Ensure you do not have any syntax errors in dlclist.xml and that your gameconfig is installed and updated along with heap and pack adjuster mods.
    Step 4. Disable your asi mods. The last step is to ensure it is not a trainer or other asi file that is causing issues. It is less likely to be your trainer, but it could be an .asi mod that is outdated, conflicting, or just not right for your system . Use the same process of renaming the mods, but go one by one. Don't rename OpenIV, it's not necessary. Also make sure to change .asi extension to something like .bak, if you keep the extension as .asi it will still try to be loaded by dinput8.dll and could cause issues.

    If none of the above works, read the section entitled Game Failures - Common Causes

  • Gameconfig.xml working perfectly fine now, case closed ;-)

    For more details just read my previous post. Sorry for the confusion, I'm surprised at my clumsiness.

  • @Squirrelz sorry, i missed your post. Glad you fixed it and thanks for reporting back. The approach you used almost guarantees success yet most users use the throw random shit at the wall and hope it sticks, so good job!

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