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Does this affect game crashes?

  • Hi,

    I'm very new to modding.

    I downloaded a couple car packs, but my game crashes, sometimes often, sometimes not so much. I've downloaded the heap and packfile limit adjusters, and it helps, but still happens.

    In the car pack, of around 250 vehicles, there are only around 100 of them that I like, the rest of the 150 or so I don't like. If I decide to get rid of this car pack, and individually add those 100 cars that I like, would the decrease of the other 150 cars improve the crashing? Only concern is - yes, it is 150 cars less, but it is also 100 cars that will be added individually instead so not sure if that makes a big difference.

    Hope it makes sense and someone can help - thanks.

  • @OxyDoxy you will need to test and find out.

    The more packfiles you have the greater likelihood of a crash, that’s why old timers group them. Also great for low end PCs.

    If you have a decent PC with 16GB of RAM, ideally 32 or 64, you don't need packs.

    I never use packs except for the ones which are just variations of same model, normally 4 or 5 vehicles max. Individual mods are much easier to troubleshoot.

    Problem now is update screwed up the mod environment, so what worked before might not today. In fact, packfile errors were prevalent this time around.

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