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Game crash after update

  • Hello, I am having a crash with gta recently. I have updated my game to version 2699. The crash occurs while loading into story mode. Like after 15 seconds my game just crashes without a error code. I have also updated my dlc list.xml and saw, that there were only like 9 entries. But on my backups were patchday 3 4 and the others. so i added them back. I have installed packfile limit adjuster version 1.2.

  • @LSPDhighway said in Game crash after update:

    I have also updated my dlc list.xml and saw, that there were only like 9 entries.

    I have no idea how the hell you ended up with a dlclist of only 9 entries.

    There are three ways I know of you could screw it up. Pick one.

    1. You mistakenly deleted all the entries except 9. Unlikely.
    2. When you updated update.rpf, by overwriting the one in your mods folder, you also overwrote your mod version of dlclist. Likely, except the game version has a shitload more than 9 lines.
    3. You installed a mod with a really bad OIV installer that overwrote your dlclist.xml without warning and only had 9 nines? Possibly, but unlikely.

    As for fixing your game. Well the bad news is that there isn't any consistent solution.

    try this:


  • So i was on vacation for 3 weeks. Before i went on vacation, everything worked fine. But after i came back, there were only 9 dlclist entries. I havent overwritten the update.rpf in the mods folder yet, because i didnt know you have to do it manually. And i also noticed i didnt have a update2.rpf in my mods folder. Should i copy both update.rpf and update2.rpf from my vanilla folder to my mods folder?


    This is not "Documentation". Moved.

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