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No replies & no confirmation on emails sent by contact form

  • Hi,

    I've sent a message via the gta5-mods contact form some weeks ago but never got an reply on it yet. I also sent another message for a username change request 4 days ago, also didn't get a reply on this.

    I also didn't got any confirmation mail when I did send the message via the contact form. I only got the confirmation messages from the website telling someone will contact me soon.

    I'm doubting if the admins really received my messages. I also checked my spam folder, no replies or confirmations.

    Admins, what should I do? Did you received my messages/mails by the contact form?



    @KaBee-Gaming yes

  • @ReNNie Okay so I understand you received the mails by the contact form from me. Could someone then change my username as requested in the email (to "ModdingWithKelvin")?

    It would be more easy if we were able to change our usernames by ourself though. It's just disabled. But there would be some kind of reason for it I guess.

    Thanks in advance :)


    @KaBee-Gaming enquiries are dealt with on a monthly basis, we'll get to it when we do

  • @ReNNie Ah okay, I wasn't aware such enquiries were montly based.. good to know. I had requested with some older account a name change before, and it was done within 1-2 days. So based on that experience it was feeling 'long'. Nevermind.

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