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Add on Peds Number limitation

  • Hello People, I'm trying to install many add on peds I have nearly 51 (with add on script) but i still need more every time I add 1 more the game crash, I'm using latest game config and i have nearly 1000000 add on car and everything is ok, is there any code line I need to change inside the game config for example or something else? how to fix this problem!

  • @trivo

    Create as many addonped folders as you want.


  • @trivo There is a strange issue with addon peds. I had an addon peds dlcpack made by me and when I spawn the ped at entry 51 and 52 (in the peds.meta order) it crashes game.

    I have tried creating 2 dummy entries for those with nonexistent peds but then the game crashed at entry 53 and 54.

    Coudln't figure this shit out so I had to create multiple addon peds dlcpacks instead. Don't add more than 50 peds in an addonpeds dlc.

    The one other workaround would be is duplicating an already existing ped with 2 different names (maybe even a simple vanilla ped) and using it at 51st and 52nd entires but never spawning them. Although this fixed entry problem raising questions in my head that game can't handle more than 50 peds in a dlcpack... So I would suggest avoiding this method...

  • @MissySnowie Interesting. I keep a max of about 20 per addonped package, but not because of any limits, just because it's easier to organize and group peds. I would think ped size would be a factor as well.

    For example Lara Croft (streamed) depending on the version can be well over 100mb whereas a replacement for the vagos female could be 4mb - just as examples.

    I have 7 ped folders right now, the largest being 4.2GB - and stable.

  • @trivo Method's AddonPeds has a limit of about 50. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks dawg.

  • @MissySnowie

    I just realize what i posted was inaccurate. When i wrote 20 max, i meant 20 max per peds.rpf, not for each addonpeds folder.

    Each of my addonpeds folders has 4 peds.rpf. This means my peds.meta often exceeds 80 entries since all 4 peds.rpf share the same peds.meta file (4 x 20 entries). Ofc the 20 is arbitrarily set, just a manageable number for maintenance.

    Consequently 50 entries can be exceeded. I think the solution is to create multiple peds.rpf and split the load.

    Can you exceed 4 peds.rpf? Most probably but then your peds.meta is harder to edit and maintain.

  • @gtavjamal read below your post. Keep in mind this is @ReNNie's mod/template.

    There isn't any theoretical maximum and 50 can be exceeded.

  • @JohnFromGWN My bad.

    I thought trivio was using Method's so that's why you linked ReNNie's. download.

    Aaahhh so Method's can exceed 50 then okay cool.

  • @gtavjamal no, i meant @ReNNie's method is the one with the most flexibility and the one I would recommend for everyone.

    The practical limit for @ReNNie method is when your game crashes and I will never reach that limit for my game because i no longer install peds, and the reason for that is because all the new ones suck.

    So, no known limit for @ReNNie mod. No idea about the outdated Meth0d mod with its ridiculous ped selector.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks dawg.

    Yeah I understand ReNNie's is supposed to be superior. Not sure of the particulars / why. Haven't looked into it tbh. I briefly glanced over the install instructions for ReNNie's and looks too complicated for me lol.

    I don't use peds too often maybe 15% of the time if that.

    Currently Method's works fine for me nice and simple but if it ever gets broke I'll try ReNNnIe's fo sure.

  • @gtavjamal said in Add on Peds Number limitation:

    I briefly glanced over the install instructions for ReNNie's and looks too complicated for me lol.

    Unfortunately @ReNNie listed 5 requirements when only the first is required, the template. All the others are optional, none of which i have installed. The last one, number 5 is said in jest, but honestly the method is incredibly simple.

    However if you're happy with Meth0d's mod, then there isn't any reason to change.

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol simple for you dawg coz you got all the cleavers. You could probably tell the Rockstar staff a thing or 2 lol.

    Yeah I have no need to change atm. Most likely if I sit down and try to figure out all that meta line stuff I could get it working.

    if my go-to vid guy does an install vid then I'll try fo sure.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Much appreciated as always.

  • @JohnFromGWN I appreciate this is pretty old now but Iโ€™ll give it a go all the same - pretty desperate now! I think itโ€™s a case of not understanding the terms being used here - you mention creating as many addonped packages as you want, I actually donโ€™t understand this? I have an addonped folder and I have files inside. When you say as many as you want, as many what actually? What file are you referring to and what does one name them please? I mean, I canโ€™t have more than one folder called the same thing or dlc or ped so Iโ€™m unsure what you mean? And where to put it? Just to be clear I am unable to put more than 14 Peds within the peds.rpf so does one create another peds.rpf? Where would I put it and how can I get it to work considering what I name it please? Thanks

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