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How should I get started with modding?

  • I have a good amount of lua knowledge and I don't know where i should start.
    What should I use? Fivem, LuaHook, etc.
    I don't know nothing about moding other than 1 small script in Fivem that I made a while ago (Like very small).
    I just want to play singleplayer btw, so by Fivem I mean a server just for myself.
    Anything is apreciated, thanks!

  • @Gonka You would be much better off in the FiveM community because this is mostly SP (not FiveM client/sever) and the mods are differently implemented.

    What you use will depend on what you want to do. Google how to install mods on FiveM server for videos and tutorials - the installations are ridiculously simple compared to SP. You can even install SH5 and run trainers like Menyoo (installed as plugins). The scripting environment is different as well, mostly C# here, C# and Lua for FiveM.

  • I don't know if I explained well or if I didn't understand you so sorry but let me rephrase this:
    I want to create mods (just like people do with C#) but I really don't like C#, and I saw that were a lot of diferent ways to make lua mods (I want to play by myself, but I will send the mods to my friends if they like them, so preferably something eazy to install) Thanks!

  • @Gonka

    Ok. So you want to write scripts. Once more this is more of an SP community. If you prefer you can write lua scripts, Javascript, or even vb dot net scripts.

    I would google tutorials on Fivem scripts.

    Here is the documentation for lua.


    Here is a getting started video.

  • @JohnFromGWN So could I use Fivem Scripts in SP? Because I want to play SP (and scripthookV uses C# while I really don't like it and preffer lua)

  • @Gonka your post is confusing.

    Do you want to play SP on Steam or Epic or with retail version OR do you want to play single player on a local host server?

    I can't choose myself, so I have both installed. Fivem loads faster and has much better MLOs.

    If you want to Script in lua, just stick to Fivem. Peds and vehicles from SP are ridiculously easy to convert to Fivem, the opposite is not true (well not for complex MLOs).

    As for scripting in C#, the natives are the same, the net frameworks are different, so are the file extensions, but the code seems to be similar enough. Ive only written 2 scripts in Fivem but found it essentially the same. Have no experience with Lua other than with GMOD.

    AFAIK, you could also use the Lua plugin for SP, but i really don't have any experience or desire to use it.

  • Sorry for not understanding what you meant earlier, but now I understand, Thanks for the information!

  • @Gonka you can do Lua (mostly fine) in SP using JM36 Lua Plugin; considering you've previously made a Lua script for/within FiveM, the (modern) environments are pretty similar to one another now, and so it should be pretty easy (as well as a lot quicker) to make things with/for, especially now after that last huge/major update that I just did to it. If you need any help with anything relating to or any questions about it, feel free to ask me and whatnot; if you need any "better" "examples" than what's included in it's download or than what's on it's wiki, feel free to also check out some of the scripts that I've made and released.

  • Is it possible to copy the whole gta 5 folder, so that I have one modded and one vanilla? I did not make a new mod folder and copied everything in the main folder, but it doesn’t work. Is it because of that, or am I doing something else wrong? I downloaded Open Iv, Native ui, script hook v, community script hook v and Menyoo! Thanks for your help!

  • @Cracko Assuming I get you right yeah dawg that's how I do mines. I copy the entire GTA V folder. Ftr. I don't use a mods folder. Nothing wrong with them, great for others just not for me.

  • @gtavjamal said in How should I get started with modding?:

    great for others just not for me.

    Not recommended for new users and you don't need to duplicate the majority of files between mods and game.

    The best reason for using a mods folder is when files gets screwed up and you need to replace them, and this happens fairly often. When that happens, if you don't have a separate mods folder you're left with 3 options, all shitty:

    1. Reinstall game. This is long and painful and will overwrite all your customized game files, including those if you reverted.
    2. Verify integrity. Quicker and just as effective as reinstalling but same drawbacks.
    3. Keep a full backup of the game. Least of the shitty options but waste of space, particularly if you do updates.

    And for those with Fivem local servers, you can't mod the vanilla files.

    Ftr, i have about 13 mod folders but im insane.

  • @JohnFromGWN Respectfully yeah nah dawg not for me but good for you so more power to you. A mods folder is a waste of drive space for me. I'm all about the set and forget approach if possible. If my game gets broke and I have no clue what's up I never stress trying to suss out the issue if I don't need to. All I do is load my most recent backup...simple. Just to clarify that means a full game folder backup 100% working perfect. Takes roughly 25 minutes to load while I go shoot hoops, skate or whatever. No hands on work required, no frustration and a guaranteed fix time. Usually feels like 10 minutes or less while doing something else productive. Btw. I could never get those verify integrity checks to work so gave up on those lol. Funny I just counted and have 19 GTA V backups, all different drives, 2 Christmas, 2 Halloween and the rest at various stages etc. All working 100% perfect to the best of my knowledge.

  • @gtavjamal nothing wrong with your approach but another reason for a new user to go the mods route is because they need to have a working stable game before doing a full backup. If they repeatedly make mistakes installing or editing, and they certainly will, they will constantly be reinstalling the game. Ofc they'll be getting fresh air shooting baskets.

    I don't play GTAO, but modding the vanilla games and then doing something stupid like renaming dinput8.dll because it was useful for testing could end up with an account ban. Dinput8.dll renamed will let the game load without any asi mods etc but if Rockstar notices modded vanilla files it could result in a ban. Im just theorizing and again don't play online.

    On that subject i know for a fact that FiveM flags modified vanilla game files. For example i had deleted all the radio stations from the game folder (i hardly duplicate anything in mods) and it flagged that and refused to load.

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