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Add Handling for addon car?

  • Hello Anyone knows how to add an handling file for addon cars if they are using vanilla handlings?

  • @Wolkenklar Take another car's handling.meta as a reference (if you don't already have one you made yourself).

    Match the <handlingName>XXX</handlingName> in the handling.meta with <handlingId>XXX</handlingId> in the vehicles.meta .

    Check the content.xml to see is handling.meta included in it. If not, you can simply take it from another mod's content.xml .

    Be careful there are 2 of those files each in content.xml . One at the data <dataFiles> other one at <filesToEnable>.

  • @MissySnowie Thanks does it work for FiveM?

  • @Wolkenklar Quick answer is it absolutely should. Both peds and vehicles are easily Fivem ready once you understand the process. MLOs and interiors are quite another story.

    Either way it will take you 10 seconds to add the vehicle to your resources and the entry to server.cfg for testing.

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