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  • Re: ERR_FIL_PACK_3
    I am having Troblie here I am trying to get GTA V to work with my mods and its giving me err_fil_pack_3 I am looking in OpenVI.log I and AM not sure what i am looking for can someone help me

  • @G1Convoy This error is associated with Packfiles and is normally solved by installing the Packfile limit adjuster mod which has recently been updated. If that doesn't help, you holler.

  • It was a File that caused it I figured it out but I am having trouble now it kepts Crashing Do not know why

  • God damn I actually fixed it it was a problem from one of the Mods Installed from before

  • @G1Convoy would be nice to share with the community, which mod, so others might fix or avoid the same issue.

  • It was a couple of Car Mods that caused it some freek thing it overrides a Model of one and I removed it worked but crashed so I a removed the source of that model and it worked again It was really wired

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