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TOTAL CHAOS with build 2699

  • I've been a huge fan of GTA modding and been modding GTAV for over 2 years. I've got bunch of addon cars and skins in the mods folder, bunch of scripts, and also other features such as Vstancer and Dial accuracy fix. All mods were working fine and I had enjoyed my time in los santos before the update. However the update screwed everything up. The game always crash on loading screen without an error message (after loading about 10 seconds).

    I've got:
    up to date gameconfig from FT7O
    up to date scripthookv
    up to date packfilelimit adjuster
    heap adjuster
    asi loader installed
    Editted dlclist and extratitleupdatedata

    What I did first was to rename the dinput8.dll and make sure the game runs fine, and it runs fine. I disable (rename) the script folder, still crash. Deleted all those addon features in the GTAV directory (like vstancers and dial accuracy fix), still crash. I tried nearly all solutions from 5mod forum, like deleting the latest update from dlclist, still no go. But surprisingly when I tried renaming the mods folder, my game loaded in with all trainers working. So there is something wrong with my mods folder, but it will be an enormous amount of work to see which addon dlc is causing the problem. I deleted few of them now but the game is still not working with mods folder. I have thoughts on maybe there is something wrong in the update.rpf or the update2.rpf is causing the problem. I really want to play my modded cars and skins, but I'm little bit of hopeless in this situation. 5forum is my last hope on solving the problem, I hope people that sees this post can help. All my mods in 2 years are in the mods folder, and I don't want R* to destroy them all. If anyone have possible solutions please let me know. (I know this is long so thank you for reading)


    Quickest 'mods' folder diagnosis (in your situation):

    • Create a new empty folder called something like 'mods - [REMOVED]' (name it whatever you want, anything will do) next to your 'mods' folder
    • Move '.rpf' files/folder structures (one by one, loading the game after each removal) across from your 'mods' folder to the new 'mods - [REMOVED]' etc one.

    Note: folder structures ('dlcpacks' etc) will need to diagnosed one '.rpf' at a time if an issue is discovered within it/them etc, but you can move the whole folder structure to begin with to either, quickly identify an issue within it, or rule it out completely etc.

    • Using that^ process, you should be able to identify which '.rpf/s' are causing any issues
    • Once you narrow it down & identify a problem '.rpf', back it up & then use the same process to identify any problem files within it (or rebuild it anew (file by file etc) using a fresh vanilla file)

    Given that you are crashing on startup, & that's quicker to identify if the issue still exists than letting the game fully load & then manually quiting etc, it's quickest for you to work from a broken 'mods' folder & remove files/folder structures from it one at a time to identify the issue.
    Normally, a diagnostic 'mods' folder rebuild goes the other way (rename original 'mods' folder, create a new one next to it, move files across one by one from old to new 'mods' folder etc), but the way I outlined above, & for the reason I've given (loading time), will be quickest (slightly) for you in your situation. Feel free to do it either way tho, whatever you're most comfortable with. :thumbsup:

    50/50 Method/Binary 'mods' folder Rebuild:
    Using a 50/50 approach, ie moving half of the files/folders (in any one folder) in or out of your 'mods' folder at a time will net the quickest returns, & allow you to usually identify a culprit's general location within 6 to 7 loads of the game (for each folder tested):

    50/50 Method - Proof of Concept (starting sample 100 files in folder):

    No. of Loads of Game        No. of Files     
             0                       100
             1                       50
             2                       25
             3                       12.5 (lets call it 12)
             4                       6
             5                       3
             6                       1.5
             7                       <1 (i.e below 1, folder/archive identified)
    • You are moving files (rather than copying & pasting them/creating duplicates etc) from one 'mods' folder to another (the renamed/newly created one), so only one copy of the files exists at any given time. Dead easy to identify what you have tested/removed already & not get confused that way.
    • Just be sure not to delete anything & always back up any file before you attempt to edit it. That way, if you want to go back to where you started, you just move all the files (in the their correct locations ofc) back into your original 'mods' folder & you are good/identical to what you had before. :thumbsup:


    Just so you know, you never, ever, ever have to edit 'extratitleupdatedata.meta'. If you download any add-on & it tells you to add data to 'extratitleupdatedata.meta', just completely ignore it & skip that part. It's completely unnecessary & 100% useless for mod author created dlcs.

    Background Info (extratitleupdatedata.meta):
    Editing 'extratitleupdatedata.meta' is something that some early car modders mistakenly thought they needed to do & a lot of newer modders continue to make the same mistake (having learned the (incorrect) process from early car modders/tutorials etc). The file can only be used by Rockstar, basically to allow them to update individual files within a '.rpf' without forcing the user to download the full '.rpf' again, so only ever of any use for official Rockstar dlcs & totally pointless for any mod author created add-on/dlc.

    TLDR (extratitleupdatedata.meta):
    Always skip editing 'extratitleupdatedata.meta', it does nothing for modded add-ons & is just a complete waste of time :thumbsup:

  • @LEXLYC said in TOTAL CHAOS with build 2699:

    All my mods in 2 years are in the mods folder, and I don't want R* to destroy them all.

    An update can only destroy original game files, nothing in your scripts or mods folders, and no personal files or mods in your root folder.

    However there are plenty of other ways you can lose your mods. They can get corrupted if the game crashes, particularly crashing during an autosave, or your HDD may die, etc.

    So always backup.

    The approach you're taking is textbook, if there was a troubleshooting textbook. Continue to be systematic and patient in this way.

    Find the mod or mods crashing your system as @a63nt-5m1th has described.

    If for any reason that doesn't solve your problem, and it should, consider a possible corrupt save game, which usually gives an error message but not always. In that case backup your profile folder, delete the entire contents, and restart. Once more, backup first.

    Something that may or not be useful is to post the contents of OpenIV.log as it is responsible for loading your addons and replaces.

  • @a63nt-5m1th just to add to the comprehensive and excellent advice you provided, another approach might be through dlclist.xml.

    Dlc mods can be quickly stopped from loading when removed from dlclist.xml, without physically moving them. I've done this on a couple occasions, delete the top half of the list, and proceed as you described. Ofc list should be backed up first.

    Edit: this type of troubleshooting illustrates why i stay away from mega vehicle packs and unfortunately addonpeds create a similar issue. Contrary to a single model dlc which you remove if problematic, packs involve finding which model is causing the issue within the pack.

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in TOTAL CHAOS with build 2699:

    Always skip editing 'extratitleupdatedata.meta', it does nothing for modded add-ons & is just a complete waste of time

    This is the second time I've seen an OP mention this in the context of the update and im wondering if it could be the culprit in this particular case for 2 reasons.

    First because it points to extremely outdated mods given this useless practice died a long time ago. Secondly, because editing any files, particularly xml tags, can unintentionally introduce errors undetected by syntax checkers,

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you for your patience and reply. I tried the method. However, the situation has worsen over today and I found something really strange. When the <item> in dlclist gets over line 110, the game just crash, doesn't matter what mod was added.

    I have over 200 lines in my original dlclist. But now I'm only able to have 110 lines in the dlclist or otherwise the game will crash on loading screen. Do you guys know what can be associated with this problem? Should I increase the packfile limit or heap limit?

  • @JohnFromGWN Yep, I'm trying to figure out which addon mod is causing the problem. But I found that when my dlclist pass beyond 110 lines the game will crash, does not matter which mod I added. This is weird but I think can be solved. If you have possible solution please reply to me. I think this is the cause of game crashing.

  • @LEXLYC said in TOTAL CHAOS with build 2699:

    But I found that when my dlclist pass beyond 110 lines the game will crash, does not matter which mod I added.

    The number 110 is totally irrelevant. A dlclist.xml has no theoretical maximum but will cause a crash, possibly, if you introduce an error in the file or if a mod included in tbe first 110 lines doesn't want to play nice with the others.

    Please post your dlclist.xml here or on pastebin.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I managed to fix the problem today.
    I stopped using gameconfig by FT7O and used the gameconfig posted on github. Now I can write more than 110 dlc lines without problem. I've also tested before that there is something wrong with the dlclist, even if I add only vanilla dlcs repeatly, it will still crash beyond 110 lines. However with the same dlc lines but a different gameconfig, the game does not crash. (Maybe there is something wrong with FT7O's new version gameconfig)

  • @LEXLYC said in TOTAL CHAOS with build 2699:

    Maybe there is something wrong with FT7O's new version gameconfig

    A gameconfig that works for you reflects your mods and your game environment. It may not work for someone else.

    The 110 lines problem isn't an issue with the dlclist.xml, it's one or more of your mods that is/are causing your crashes.

    Unless you had isolated and identified those mods we won't know why you needed to change gameconfig.xml.

    Important thing is you solved it.

    I had posted about trying different gameconfig mods before, but hadn't suggested it after this update as only @F7YO had been updated.


  • @LEXLYC said in TOTAL CHAOS with build 2699:

    but a different gameconfig

    Which gameconfig worked for you, might be interesting to do a file comparison between the two and see which variables are significantly different and try to understand why.

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