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[VEHICLE][WIP] Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce (1967–1972)

  • The Alfa Romeo 105 and 115 series coupés are a range of cars made by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo from 1963 until 1977.


    The model is from the game "Simraceway" and it does not have many polygons, but many polygons will need to be created...


  • Like most models, this one does not have an engine either. So, something had to be created. Something like this:
    As usual, I looked for parts among various cars from "Forza". Piece by piece I've put together something I'm quite happy with:
    It was also necessary to make LODs. A more detailed engine increases the number of polygons and LODs, so I tried not to overdo it.
    It's not perfect, but it's definitely much, much better than nothing.

  • I cannot imagine the amount of work you must've put into this so far. Looks wonderful

  • @Frostelis Thank you. The amount of work in this case is actually the amount of fun. The problem is time. I wish I had more time. Unfortunately, we all have less and less time...

  • I've never played "Simraceway" but it seems the car doors don't open in that game. The gap between exterior and interior is far too large.


    The interior needed to be stretched.I found a doorsill of a similar shape on the model "Giulia GTA" from the game "Assetto Corsa" (Btw, that model also has a good undercarriage that I can use), and connected everything together with the bodyshell.


    Of course, the door had to be fitted as well


    I looked for similar-looking hoodliner and trunkliner in "Forza" and modified them to fit the hood and trunk. LODs also took some time there.


    So far so good :) In the next post, you can expect the first in-game pictures or video.

  • Video shows the progress with engine:

  • There was some work in the interior as well:)
    The car needed a radio. I chosed a vintage Italian "Voxson" that I found in the photos of this car...

    The flat seats had to be modified and retextured (like everything else actually)...


    And some details had to be added by creating new or modifying similar parts from other models...


    a little night video will show a little more...

    In the video you can see that I'm experimenting with license plates as well as (at the very end of the video) with liveries... but more on that later...

  • I had the idea to make vintage Italian license plates with this car. This would include the first two letters as the city-province designation and 6 random numbers. In order for the letters not to be random, I made a texture with two-letter characters that correspond to the real labels. I couldn't include all the cities because there are many more than numbers and letters, so I chosed the larger ones.
    The Italian coat of arms on the second texture replaces all numbers and letters and always appears on license plates after the two-letter city mark.
    The third texture includes only numbers and they appear on license plates randomly. The front plate has the reverse order.
    In ZModeler, mapping had to be done on four different materials, because of authenticity it was necessary to leave empty space on some parts (transition maps "black" and "blank normal"). For lower LODs, a completely black surface would be OK.
    Checking out how it looks in the game, I was disappointed. Therefore, the first digit on the traffic license plate is always one of the even numbers ( 0,2,4,6 or 8 ). This reduced the diversity to only 5 city-provinces. I could perhaps try to map to another digit, but that would further complicate the customization of the plates.
    ... and just because of the marking "Roma" - "ROMA" which is not the same on the front and back plate, a fifth material should have been added... too much.
    It would also be necessary to change the font color ( in "carcols.ymt" ) for the "yellow plate", and on other plates everything together does not look good.
    For my needs the mod is good, but not for release with this car (not even as a tuning part). Maybe sometime in the future in some kind of "Italian package", who knows.
    It wasn't just a waste of time though. I learned something. And besides, after attaching these license plates to some more vintage Italian cars and putting them on the road for testing (and listening to old Italian songs along the way), I got an idea for another video:

  • There will be several livery options. Some of them are transparent, so they can practically be in different colors.

    There will also be tuning parts. The "wide body" option is for use with "VStancer" mod that can expand and space the wheels.

    Combining these different options gives the car a nice racing look

  • Here are the 5 LODs:

       HIGHEST:....... 143.657
       VERY LOW:.......705 polygons


    All LODs are mapped, so dirt (UV1) or livery (UV2) will not disappear at a certain distance.

  • Released 15.IX.2022.

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