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2022 Mod List

  • Hey, this is the mods list that I created for anyone that doesn't want to have to go to a million different websites and figure out what mods they want from each.

    There are 4 pages at the bottom, Essentials, LSPDFR, Modding, and Miscellaneous!

    Essentials - Mods that you should have if you are thinking about modding anything whether it's for LSPDFR, making MLO's, adding custom cars, etc. They just generally make your game experience better.

    LSPDFR - Callouts and scripts that will enhance your LSPDFR experience.

    Modding - Programs, scripts, and mods that will make it easier for you to mod (making MLO's, custom cars, custom maps, etc.)

    Miscellaneous - Custom vehicles, weapons, sounds, visual settings, etc. that I prefer.


    Thanks as always (:

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