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Mod that detects all key binds you have on all your mods(and compiles it in one simple UI)

  • I don't know if this is possible (I'm no coder by any means) but a plugin that displays all your assigned key binds would be nice to have, no? It doesn't have to be a configurable menu. Rather, a simple UI that displays all assigned keys to every mod/trainer/plugin for easy note-taking and key customization. I don't know if there's any existing, though.

  • @sk1p You would need a script that can read ini files in the root and scripts folder as well as in dlls and asi files that don't have ini files. For those dll mods without ini it would need to decompile them and for asi mods without ini, well they can't be decompiled.

    As for those with ini, the code would need to identify the keybind by keyboard character key such as M or F12 or by virtual code for example 120. There are no standards for the labels used in ini files so AI would be required. AI would scan decompiled code for settings and categories and name of ini file. Then it would compare the default value with the one in ini to see if they are identical or if you, the user, changed the binding.

    Ofc some mods might have a cfg extension, vanilla game for example, rather than ini, or it could be the game key bindings which you need to have as well.

    As for the decompiled dlls, script would go through the dozens of possible cs files and look for key code or key value and return everything it finds. Sendkeys, although not common, would have to be excluded by the AI. So there are several ways you can assign a key to code.

    In all cases the keybind found would need to be returned with the associated purposes, which could just be a function name such as changeoutfit or it could be meaningless and there would be duplication for menu openings etc.

    The AI would be able to understand and decipher not only the plain text in ini files, assuming the author used English rather than Russian or French or Spanish since these are just labels, as well as account for mods in C++, lua, vb and C# dot net.

    If you have Simple Trainer installed, you would have a couple hundred bindings for the script to go through or AI to look for keywords such as Open, in the case of a menu, or default for other mods, or trigger, etc.

    Last step would be to have the Script create the menu using nativeui, lemonui, or from scratch in C++.

    One advantage of this AI approach is that it could also troubleshoot your game, pick the odds for sports events, and do your income tax returns, all in one day.

    So yes, it sounds like a fun project for Skynet.

  • @JohnFromGWN Damn. I was like toddler reading your reply, only to end with Skynet. Lol that was a good one. I was just shooting for stars there. But thanks for that. Now, I know better why I didn't pursue IT.

  • @sk1p It sounds simple, but yeah it's scary complicated. I keep a text file with the bindings I use for my own scripts, and I try to use single key bindings but with keys that are unlikely to be used by the game, such as numpad 0 to 9, slash, backslash, braces, etc. I also have bindings for OBS so it can get pretty cumbersome if you don't track them.

  • @JohnFromGWN Can't you just make a menu with a custom text of your choosing and telling it which key to press? Like for ex: Option 1 in the menu will be called 'Enter vehicle as passenger', and choosing it will be equal to pressing "G" on the keyboard, which ultimately will act as what OP asked for.

  • @Itzhak880 ofc you can, but that's not what this post was requesting.

    I do that myself with my own menus, for example I can open Menyoo from my own menu.

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