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Not all Addon Cars appear in Spawner Menus

  • Hello,

    I havent played this game in about 2 years due to a new PC and me not wanting to reinstall all of my mods... So today i reinstalled everything and all seems to be working but for some reason only a few of my addon cars are showing in Menyoo... I have the newest Gameconfig Heap and Packfile Limit adjusters + I have already checked my dlclist for any errors... The weird thing was that the dlclist of my original Update folder was and still is completely empty... (Game works fine tho...) Anyone know a Fix?

  • Also if i try to spawn what i think are Vehicles of newer Updates like "Cyclone2" My Game Crashes... The few Addon/Mod Cars that are in the Game Load fine though.

  • I figured it out... When Copying all my Folders my encrypted Harddrive didnt allow all of the .rpf files to be transferred... ill just have to reinstall some Addons!

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