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Can't spawn in vehicles from new update

  • I've updated GTA, updated all my mods/scripts, and I have the newest version of Simple Trainer. But whenever I try to spawn in one of the new vehicles (such as the Draugur) nothing happens. All other vehicles spawn in fine. How to I fix this?

  • I suggest downloading a updated gameconfig and tweaking a couple things in it like the pool and archive size. That's normally the problem.

  • @MRDotted Check mod page comments for possible solutions.

    Or take the files, assuming this car isn't one of the 1kb models, and create your own addon.

  • @GwoppyTrai gameconfig.xml is to prevent crashes. It should not be confused with a trainer or the mod the OP is using.

    OP clearly states nothing happens, no spawn, no crash.

    A gameconfig.xml does not have functionality, it doesn't spawn anything and shouldn’t be tweaked except by very advanced users who understand what they're doing.

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