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Let's end the blip limit problem!!

  • I tried to use several mods together that require a lot of blips: Global Invest, Safehouses Reloaded, Street Races. With all installed together story mode blips and many vanilla blips (Tattoo, Flight School, Ammu-Nation, Stripclub) are completely gone from the map, BUT HERE'S THE CATCH - in gameconfig.xml the max is set to a few thousands, so..

    How can we overcome this? There must be a way. NoMoreMissingBlips obviously not helping.
    Can we remove vanilla blips like barber to free up space? Or is it hard-coded no way possible?

    Edit: Quick Idea. If someone would be so kind to use the ''Custom Blips' mod and replicate all vanilla blips, we could solve this forever. I think that's brilliant. But who whould be our hero? :thinking:

  • This post is deleted!

  • FYI, some mods, their blips don't count towards the blip limit, as if they don't use blips at all! For example 'LeFix Simple Fuel' which adds fuel stations blips, and 'AccountInBank' which adds ATM blips. Also 'GTA Online Survivals' adds over 20 blips. I currently have 80 blips in-game (almost 100 with Player Zero) with all vanilla and mission blips working correctly. However when adding mods such as 'Safehouses Reloaded' and 'Street Races', they do use blip count.
    What I'm saying is how is this possible? And second - we need more mods to be like this

  • The issue is not a blip limit, it's caused by the amount of text labels from what I know, basically all those mods rename the blips by creating fake text and the game seems to have trouble displaying a lot of blips when you also have a ton of them renamed, it would be easy to solve this if mods added new gxt labels and made use of them, from what I know there's also a way to memory hack new labels into the game but I don't know how all of that works, technically the whole issue is not on user side but the script developer side

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