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3d model with over 1 million polygons

  • Got a Toyota Hiace 3D Model by HUM3D, it got over 1M polygons and the Yft size is over 30MB. This is my first time creating a model for GTA 5. Any Idea on how to make this work/reduce polygons.


  • @Sanz use a 3d modeling software and use the optimization tool. it won't be perfect and there will be some adjustments you have to do afterwards. alternatively you could manually dissolve the edges like a mad man.

    or perhaps try finding a lower poly hiace model. 1 million poly is just insane

  • @Sanz just put a note in the requirements that a super computer will be required to hit 10 FPS or higher. High polygon models, and this one is ridiculous, will lead to game crashes without question. No lower poly model available?

  • @drlq99 well it's 2M poly's :p
    I'll try that

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