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Please Help with my Game error

  • Hi,

    I was away from GTA5 for couple days and it worked out perfectly (steamversion)before I left.

    After i came back and opened the game, I saw a notice about check scripthook update, and i accidentally click yes...
    I have the newest version of scripthookV installed (July 27 from AB's)

    When I opened the game, there is an error saying: Game error, please reboot and start the game.

    I thought it was an issue of packfile limit adjuster, so i went and downloaded the newest one, still not working..

    Thanks for the stopping and helping me

  • @charlie2830

    Reposting this from a previous thread.

    Here is what you can try, but no guarantees it will work.

    1. Install the updated gameconfig.xml mod found on this site. This is the only one at time of writing updated for the Criminal Enterprise except for one found on the LSPDFR site which is not necessarily the best choice. Don't download the other crap the author recommends unless you absolutely need them, most of it is useless except heap and pack. You want to eliminate variables, not add more.

    Remember that any OIV installers might replace your updated gameconfig.xml with an older one. Also keep in mind that copying update.rpf from the game folder to your mods folder will also replace your updated gameconfig.xml mod. So reinstall the Gameconfig.xml if necessary.

    1. Download and install the HeapAdjuster mod but only if you haven't already installed it. It has not been updated since 2019.

    2. Download and install the Packfile limit adjuster mod. There is only one available and it has recently been updated.

    3. Don't add any new mods or scripts or other mods until your game is stable.

    4. If necessary, remove the new dlc from your dlclist.xml (the list in your mods folder, mpsum2, patchday27ng, mpsum2_g9ec, and patchday27g9ecng).

    If your game doesn't run stably unmodded, don't bother trying any of these measures. Instead, do a verify integrity to rule out corrupt or missing files, delete your save game file and start new, update your video card drivers. For more possibilities check out these posts.

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