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Im gonna pay someone whos good in 3DX

  • I need someone who is good at 3DX Modelling mainly around weapons, for interested people contact my discord munGele#1312
    All you need to do is take 3d models of gta 5 attachments and put them onto the model of a weapon in this case carbine and special carbine rifles
    I will send you all the files all you have to do put them together and export them as 1 file/model as a replacment for those mentioned weapons

  • @munGele what is 3dx?

  • @JohnFromGWN [English noble accent] Milord JohnFromGWN. 3DX in the aforementioned context. Our wise grand advisors believe this to be a request for a real life model to pose provocatively whilst holding and being surrounded by an assortment of weapons thus 3DX pertaining to that specific brand of modeling.

  • @JohnFromGWN Ive seen people use that software for 3d modelling doesnt need to be that specific one your preference i just need the mod

  • @munGele He is trolling

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