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Why do some people use ugly-bug-like steady burn lights?

  • Like why? They're so out of place in this game and just look like broken carcol lines, begging to be fixed. Which of course, sas994 to name one, makes excellent lore friendly mods but my god it's gross and immersion breaking having just a select few cars having a broken carcol-like light. But my goodness is it a relief editing the carcol lines and making that one ugly light flash again...

    Just a PSA, if you like sas994 or anyone else's vehicles, you can edit the lines in carcols and make the ugly steady burn lights operate like the rest of the cop mods and vanilla cars.

    And before anyone brings up the "realism" argument. No. This is GTA. In GTA it is realistic for the lightbars to have ZERO steady burn lights. This ain't IRL LA or United States.


    this post is useless without the actual information to edit the lights in carcols.meta as you're describing

  • My post, as mentioned in the title, is asking for opinions about why some people choose to use certain light configurations. I wanted to start a discussion. Which is evident in both paragraphs 1 and 3.

    In paragraph 2 I just wanted to remind others who don't like those configurations and or want to fix a bug, it can be done by checking each vehicle's carcols, should they have a custom one.

    I didn't say anything about "how to". I considered making a tutorial but there are a few issues:

    a) some mod authors will get angry that you're making "QOL" or bug changes or fixes
    b) it's a mod by mod basis and there are a lot of different siren carcols across hundreds of mods
    c) depending on each individual car and carcols the process is slightly different
    d) there are way too many trial and error things you need to do to find the right light and corresponding line
    e) this community is very elite and secretive so "they can figure it out easily" or have someone pay their patreon to do it

    Out of seriousness though- You'd have to make a million tutorials relating to each specific mod>vehicle>carcols. It won't help everyone anyway.

    Maybe a mod author, who knows how to set up carcols, specifically "steady-burn-bug-like-broken-lights" can simply post how they make their light not flash and people can simply reverse it, hint hint... Much quicker and easier than an essay long slab of text or 20min video!

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