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Script don’t work / bug in game

  • Hey guys. I got a problem… I modding my GTA5 and I got many scripts installed, cars etc… but 2 hours ago when I start GTA and go on story mode I have nothing in game(no scripts, no cars, no graphic pack…) can anyone help me please !? Maybe it cause I have modify my gameconfig or my files “dinput8.dll”


    @SlayerSt yes

  • @SlayerSt said in Script don’t work / bug in game:

    Maybe it cause I have modify my gameconfig or my files “dinput8.dll”

    Just to add to @ReNNie 's very direct and concise answer, you don't modify either one unless you know what you're doing.

    An incredibly talented programmer named Alexander Blade created scripthookv and a modified version of a Microsoft file called dinput8.dll which allow us to play modded games.

    Sadly many users feel compelled to follow the advice of YouTubers who think they can improve on Alexander Blade's file by replacing it with various dlls found in the system32 windows folder, one of which is also called dinput8.dll and has nothing to do with mods.

    I like to think these YouTubers fall into 3 categories.

    1. Morons. They perpetuate the myth that replacing dinput8.dll with another file will fix your crashes. Well, actually it will, because none of your mods will load. No mods, no crash.
    2. YouTube whores. Just clickbait to get views from the uninitiated. You'll rave at first and leave favorable comments because your game no longer crashes until you realize why.
    3. YouTube trolls. They know better, just having fun at your expense.

    So reinstall dinput8.dll and reinstall an updated gameconfig.xml.
    Will that fix your game? Unfortunately the 100% fix is just YouTube bullshit, so maybe yes, maybe no, but regardless of the outcome these are necessary and no bullshit requirements.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    That recent system32 'dinput8.dll' advice reminded me of this:

    Delete system32

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