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Hot Tip: Generate Dlclist entries from Folder - the easy way

  • Suppose you just downloaded 50 new cars and you're dying to install them all but you're kinda lazy, like me, and you don't feel like creating 50 dlclist entries in dlclist.xml.

    Well the good news is that there are mods that can do this.

    However if you, like me, are more of DIY control freak, here is a very simple tool for you. Calling it a tool is pretentious, it's just a 1 line or 2 line batch file - just text.

    1. You download and extract your addons and identify the folder that contains dlc.rpf. This could be a car, a bike, a dlc ped, an MLO, a Map etc.

    2. You take all these addon folders and put them all in a temp folder anywhere you want, name it whatever you want - this is just temporary.

    3. You run the "tool" or batch file and it will create all the dlclist entries for dlclist.xml. You place the tool in the temp folder and execute it.

    4. You move all those addons from the temporary folder you created in step 2 and place them where they should be, in your dlcpacks folder. \Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

    Note: Step 4 can be done with Windows Explorer or dragged into place with OpenIV - your choice. Remember you might have duplicates if you installed an updated version of a car for example. Best to remove dupes but it won't crash your game.

    1. You take the text from the file called dlclist.txt which the tool created and you copy paste all those lines into dlclist.xml (or wherever you want as long as the syntax is appropriate).

    Now the tool. Just copy the text from one version or the other (not both), put it in a text file, name it with .bat at the end. For example Dlclist.bat.

    Backup if you're scared, although this does NOT modify anything in your game or mods folder.

    One line version

    @(For /F "EOL=? Delims=" %%G In ('Dir /A:D /B /O:N 2^>NUL') Do @Echo ^<Item^>dlcpacks:/%%G/^</Item^>) 1>"Dlclist.txt"

    Two line version

    set ADDON_PATH=dlcpacks:/
    @(For /F "EOL=? Delims=" %%G In ('Dir /A:D /B /O:N 2^>NUL') Do @Echo ^<Item^>%ADDON_PATH%%%G/^</Item^>) 1>"Dlclist.txt"

    For more advanced users, with the two line version, you can of course change the path to whatever you want or create subfolders. I must have 40 different dlc folders organized for car brands, maps, interiors, peds, etc.

    If you like this and use it please donate $1,000,000 or the equivalent in bitcoins by e-transfer. DM me for details.

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