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Need help!!! Game crashing after mod install

  • Game ran fine before and after adding basic mods. Wasn't until I installed HeapAdjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster, and Gameconfig. im betting it was the game config that messed up my game. when trying to boot game it would give me a memory error. After trying multiple gameconfig options I deleted both Heap and Packlife. Installed again and changed Heap in note pad from 750 to 1000. Now when trying to launch from steam it will crash within 5 seconds. Need help desperately currently depolyed and already had this issue once and had to reinstall game which took 3 day because how poor wifi is here.
    Any tips would be great

  • @Clipst171 said in Need help!!! Game crashing after mod install:

    Game ran fine before and after adding basic mods.

    Why did you install pack, heap, and gameconfig.xml if your game ran fine modded? And yes they are basically mandatory, but they stablize your game, not cause it to crash. Of course once you start changing the variables set by the author you're essentially throwing shit against a wall and hoping it will stick.

    Reinstalling is only useful when all else fails, verify integrity is much faster.

    You haven't provided any information that can help, so i suggest you read this.


    Or if you're impatient, try this.


  • @JohnFromGWN
    Thanks!! Unfortunately I tried playing my back up from my HD and was forced to update/reinstall all over again and can't stop it. Added gameconfig because i was going to install few more mods and wanted to do it before installing them. Will know now not to at all in the future. Thanks though for the tips new to modding and pc gaming

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