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Has the new update completely borked anyone else's mods?

  • So I've been modding GTA for about 4 years now with no issues after a title update. Now, with the Criminal Enterprises update, I can only have two add-on weapons at a time (I usually have 4), and only about 30 vehicles (I usually have over 100 installed.)

    I should note all the add-on vehicles that crash my game (before even loading into story mode) are weaponized, and use the WeaponBlobAdjuster script (or whatever it is. Blobs!). So I wonder if that's the culprit. Which is a shame - I enjoy driving around with flak cannon tanks and using my homemade cluster grenade launcher.

    Basically - is anyone else having this issue? I've reinstalled, deleted, and redownloaded everything. I have owned this game for five years. It's annoying how it seems like each update just breaks modding functionality further and further.


  • @JediKarumaas get used to it, RAGE changes with each patch and update. Original environment for modding was created in 2015 and still largely reflects 2015. We've seen major collision issues with mod interiors etc and for first time the packfile mod failed and needed to be updated.

    Unlike previous updates. TCE update has caused many different issues. We can't always attribute these to the update and patches, but it's clear situation is worsening and is unlikely to improve.

    Steam users fortunately can have the best of both worlds. By reverting they can enjoy their modded games, by swapping out just one file (GTA5.exe) they can play GTAO, and for those who care, all GTAO entities like vehicles from updates can be converted to addons or in some setups just added to mod dlc.

    Only issue is if mod creators write scripts that aren't backwards compatible and even then you can easily swap in versions of GTA5.exe.

    As for cars, peds, MLOs, etc, i can vouch they are all compatible with older game versions, well I have over 1000 installed and have yet to find any issues with recently released mods. In fact only issue ive encountered is with scripthook v dot net updates, not being backwards compatible with some older code. Again those can be swapped in and out, small price to pay for modded games that run stably.

    Best part is with each new update you can yawn, breath a sigh of relief, and thank the FSM, that you don't give a shit. You can grab the popcorn and read post after post about games that no longer run and can't even be reverted due to no backups.

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