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Advice for the Trevor's Trailer As clean as possible mod

  • Hello everyone, as the title says when I installed goal1664's Trevor's Trailer As clean as possible mod meaning each version and fix/hot fix in order, the mod only partially works meaning the outside and surroundings are cleaned up but the inside of the trailer still has most if not all of trash and junk. With goal's help we tried to figure out why the inside still had all the trash and junk but eventually came to somewhat of a dead end. With goal's permission I'm posting here in hopes that someone who possibly has a the mod working in the current version of the game who might have a fix or a solution?

    I can post screenshots if needed

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps :)

  • @AmazyCrazy request a maid mod, she can clean up the toilets and also prepare meals and clean his underwear after he sharts in them.

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