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Is there such a fix?

  • Hello everyone. Is there a mod on the Internet that fixes a bug with the in-game Internet, in which it is impossible to access it after completing a mission from the cult of Epsilon? I will be very glad if there is one

  • @Albany-Cavalcade when you post it's helpful and respectful to others when you have a title that isn't useless.

    This allows readers to help where they can without having to open the post.

  • @Albany-Cavalcade Don't think there is one, if there is I haven't seen it yet. the internet is still actually working but the reason it suddenly closes out is because a bug happens with the start page that always opens when accessing it from the phone or a pc.

    If you open any links from messages you got you should be able to to access the internet but make sure you don't do anything that leads back to the start page or it will break and you'll have to reload your game.

  • @MegaTBull I know the method with links, but I have no messages left with them.

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