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Memory/RAM, settings, addon cars, missing textures and more (Long)

  • Hi Guys.

    So, this is gonna be a long one, But hang in there - I need some help and advice.

    I have an iMac from 2012 with a 1 GB dedicated graphics card. It runs GTA at an OK level. I have through the years done the replace cars thing, but last year tried to do addons to relieve the pc because it Got laggy with replace cars. I succesfully added alot of cars, and found out that around 53 cars was the limit. After that the game broke and had alot of texture loss and even crashes.

    Now I Got my hands on a Acer gamer laptop with a 6 GB graphics card, and started added cars. Now, the game Can only hold 32 cars before it breaks. I cannot get my Head around it. I would think I could add more, not less?

    I read people on here add 200 cars and more - how on earth do they manage that without Breaking the game (texture loss)

    Does it change anything to;
    Reduce graphic settings?
    Combine cars into packs? ( mine is all added individually, as the pack process seems long and hard)

    Hope someone can help me 😊

  • @jhp said in Memory/RAM, settings, addon cars, missing textures and more (Long):

    Now, the game Can only hold 32 cars before it breaks.

    It's not just about quantity, it's also about quality. I have about 1,000 addons installed on a decent system.

    High polygon cars and motorcycles in particular take up more RAM.

    And it's not just VRAM on the graphics card, it's also system RAM.

    You start with updated video drivers, AMD drivers are crap, and with in game visual settings at defaults or lower settings.

    Finally you need the proper gameconfig.xml together with Packfile and heap limit adjusters.

    You haven't provided enough info to help.

  • I have 64 ram on the pc. I have gameconfig, heap adjust and packfile. I copied all cars and mods from the iMac, so its identical. That is Why it makes no sense that I Can add 20 cars less on a far superior system. What info do you need? I appreciate the help alot, I want to add as many as possible 👍🏻😊

  • @jhp You certainly don't need to pack cars and I don't recommend it with 64GB of RAM - makes troubleshooting difficult.

    Do a verify integrity. Other than that, you seem to have everything in place.

    When you say you copied your addons from an iMAC to a PC? Do you mean you transferred from one to the other? If so, delete those mods and re download them to eliminate any possible file corruption.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Didnt copy as in copy paste, But downloaded the same mods and cars because I knew they worked. So I am baffled that my 10 year old Mac with less vram and ram, Can have 20 more addons before texture loss. Something is definately escaping me here. I have seen people say they have more than 200 addons, so what did they do? 😊

  • @JohnFromGWN

    And now I came to think - how do the people with modded RP servers have 32 users logged in, all with several modded cars. Its the same game Engine? 😅

    I did figure out, that with lowered graphics, I Can add more cars 👍🏻 But dissappointed that I Can spawn only 30 cars at once before texture loss sets in 😔

  • @jhp Your PC has the same engine but not the same power as a server. Try connecting 32 users on a laptop at home.

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