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Scripts versus scripts folder, Mods vs mods.

  • I don't install scripts but i occasionally read the descriptions. Similarly, i sometimes watch how to install GTA5 videos just out of curiosity.

    Recently i read a script's instructions, by an experienced and very well respected programmer, that adamantly said you needed to create a scripts folder and not a Scripts folder to install his script.

    Or was it the other way around?

    I don't remember, because fact is his advice is wrong.

    By default Windows folders are not case sensitive. If you don't believe me, try to create a folder called Scripts next to a folder called scripts. It can't happen.

    Although c# is case sensitive, Windows folders aren't.

    I've also seen YouTube videos saying you can't name it Mods, it has to be mods. Or vice versa. Actually either one is fine.

    Similarly, if you spawn Lara from your trainer you can also spawn her as lara.

    Finally xml is a little different. It is case sensitive, but you can use upper or lower case in tags as long as you don't mix and match.

    For example, use Item or item in dlclist.xml, but keep them consistent between opening and closing tags. Don't open with Item and close with item.

  • Very good advice my dear John, there is a lot of emphasis on this kind of thing, and it creates confusion for inexperienced users.

  • @JohnFromGWN I renamed my scripts folder to sCrlPtS and my scripts stopped working. Try it yourself if you wish but don't write the name yourself, copy and paste mine instead.

    (The second sentence I wrote is the hint of why it won't work, up for a little challenge that's been used in oldie goldie days? :grin: )

    ( Yes I know it's not funny, I just feel bored today and wrote a random outdated joke )

  • @MissySnowie unfortunately I'm old enough to know it. Without checking yours, i assume you switched L for the I?

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