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materials.dat what do we know about it?

  • I tried to make some materials penetrable by bullets but it removed all special effects for bullet impacts. Anyone know why? Does shoot_thru_fx need to be at 1?

    Also have some questions. There is a flag for "penetration resistance" but most values are 1.0? There's a "shoot thru" flag which allows bullets to go through the material, but it doesn't reduce damage or anything, I would guess that's what the "penetration resistance" value is for but most the values are the same at 1.0. The only material with a different penetration resistance value is bulletproof glass which is at 10000. So materials you can and can't shoot through all have the same 1.0 value which makes me think this value doesn't mean what I think it means?

    Anybody know more about this file?


    @r0llinlacs inspect these mods to learn from


    I think I'm using an edited version by EnforcerZhukov but can't find his materials.dat now

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