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How to edit vehicle make/model names?

  • Hello everyone. I've recently gotten into the world of modding GTA V. I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I was wondering if there's any way I can edit the make/model of any add-on vehicle? Currently, nothing displays in-game. Thanks!
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Aereon quick answer is yes you can. Good opportunity to learn first hand by experimenting with vehicles.rpf using OpenIV.

    You can also rename folders and model names when 2 mods unfortunately have same folder and spawn names.

    Scroll through the text files or search for specific strings. Just be careful your consistent and thorough with your changes.

    Or read this


    @Dogamizer said in How to properly change the name of the model for addon cars?:


    To fully change a model name follow these instructions.

    9dbs.yft -> AstonMartinDBS.yft
    19dbs_hi.yft -> AstonMartinDBS_hi.yft
    19dbs.ytd-> AstonMartinDBS -> AstonMartinDBS.ytd


    <handlingName> should match <handlingId> in vehicles.meta


    <kitName> should match <kits><Item> in carvariations.meta
    <id value> is an unused ID between 0 and 1024. GTA V cars use up to between 620 and 650 (I can't remember exactly). You should be safe using numbers from 900 up. Don't use 999 as it's already taken by the vanilla game.

    That should be it.

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