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Are you having problems getting the cars from the latest expansion of GTA the criminal enterprise?

  • In my case (and I repeat, in my case), the following has worked for me.

    If we look at our dlclist.xml, we will have these new lines:


    I don't know what the hell the others have, but the "mpsum2" line contains the new clothes and cars.

    Since I don't want a bunch of shit that breaks my game but the cars, I've deleted all the lines except this one:


    That with the relevant gameconfig and other necessary files, as well as an updated trainer, I've managed to have the vehicles, npc and clothes from the current dlc.

    I hope it illuminates your path as it illuminates mine.

    Remember, this dlclist is the one in your MODS folder.

  • @Fabito48hd i can spawn criminal enterprise cars just fine with the three extra lines lol

  • @drlq99 Good to know. I don't.

    But because it also gave me conflicts with the MP character's clothes, I guess because I have a lot of mods that modify clothes and appearance and it causes conflict.

    As always I expose what helps me, in case someone else has the same problem.

    Best regards!

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