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Liberty City

  • Will the liberty city mod ever be updated to 2699? Its probably a dumb question but I was just wondering because I have always wanted to try the mod but once I really started to know more about modding is around the contract dlc. I was never able to downgrade to tuners because I got a new pc after that update.

  • @123456789gtamod said in Liberty City:

    because I have always wanted to try the mod

    If you never tried the mod how do you know it's not compatible?
    Install it and see if it crashes your game or you fall through the map, or contact author if still alive.

  • @JohnFromGWN I have tried it with the latest version and all the textures are non existent and I fall through the map unfortunately

  • @123456789gtamod check the download pages, wherever you downloaded from, and see if others are having similar issues. The falling thru map collision issue probably has a fix as well. These are good reasons to stop updating although i understand in your case you've lost your older gta5.exe.

  • @JohnFromGWN I will retry the installation to see if its possible to fix the issue likely not but its not a big deal hopefully one day they can update their mod but I have not seen many other people talking about fall through collision and no textures. That or I'm blind

  • @123456789gtamod

    Interiors can generally be fixed. Maps however are unlikely to be fixed due to the complexity of fixing all those static collisions.

    Rockstar doesn't care so anyone not reverting will miss out on these great maps and racetracks.

    P.S. these issues are incredibly common after the update, people just gave up looking for solutions and stopped talking about it. Liberty City and others are dead for anyone who updated.

  • @JohnFromGWN yeah. Its sad that people work hard for these kind of mods just for Rockstar to ruin it with some dumb update. I'm not updating my game anymore but I hope one day liberty city can be available for 2699 I couldn't even backup tuners because I didn't have it on my current system.

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