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  • Hi everyone, I have a problem with the GTA 5 trainer
    or with files dls pack or dl clist
    when I enter the game, I open the trainer and want to spawn the addon car at the bottom, the trainer writes that he spawned it, but in fact it doesn’t, and so it is with every car, even the one that was just downloaded (sorry for the bad English, I’m with a KZ)
    upd: fix (Unfortunately, the fix is not clear to me because I was able to add only half of the cars and they can spawn, but as soon as I add a new line of the DLS list, then all the cars in the trainer stop spawning, even though the trainer itself writes that he spawned it (I already downloaded gameconfig 100 times)

  • @dankii

    It's DLC, downloadable content, not DLS. Car mods are DLC, most ped mods today are DLS (definitely lousy shit).

    You didn't mention which trainer you're using, there are many, but from your post I'm guessing it's an incorrect entry in dlclist.xml.

    Please post the contents of your dlclist.xml here,

  • (sorry, but my English is bad because of this, he translated it as DLS) and actually the trainer I have a simple trainer
    ( imgur dlc clist https://imgur.com/a/yh7cJT0)

  • @dankii
    Please post the text, not a picture, and all the lines, not just the ones in the middle, especially since the error, if there is one, will be towards the end of the file - based on the description your posted.

    Пожалуйста, выкладывайте текст, а не картинку, и все строки, а не только те, что посередине, тем более, что ошибка, если она есть, будет ближе к концу файла - исходя из описания, которое вы разместили.

  • @JohnFromGWN I solved this problem by simply redownloading all the dlc pack of the machine

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