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Best Method to install a ped - in less than 1 minute - with props.

  • The AddonPeds mod by Meth0d was definitely better than nothing when it came out in 2017, but it is outdated and the ped selector was always buggy asF.

    Recently someone posted a superior mod, but it is much too complicated for new users. They will quickly get lost in the process. Not to mention the way the peds.meta is formatted, you would end up with a thousand pages of text easily - a nightmare to update and edit.

    So what's the alternative?

    Well there's a best kept secret that was never really publicized by the author @ReNNie, in fact he never uploaded it on this site. Instead you can find it at:


    Is this the best way to add peds? No contest, nothing is easier or more flexible and expandable. And the best part, in my opinion, is you can group your peds in categories of your choice by using multiple rpfs.

    How quickly can you add a ped with props? Just watch. I took my time in the video, I can do it in 10 seconds or less. Best thing is you can add 100,000 peds and just keep adding rpfs to keep their size under say 4GB. You can name each file whatever you want. Men.rpf, Army.rpf, Toon.rpf, etc.

  • @JohnFromGWN Please don't tell me you are actually using that inconvenient peds.meta where everything written in single line :sweat: :sweat:

    But for people who doesn't care about customizing walk style, sexiness, popular radio channels, personality and such it's convenient :sweat_smile:

  • @JohnFromGWN Ftr. You do good written tutorials dawg clear and concise without excess blah blah blah. Most other written tutorials make perfect sense to the writer but are total wtf to the reader which is why generally speaking I suspect most gravitate to video tutorials as a 1st port of call.

    I have all types of mods installed and made many custom tweaks to my game but keep'n it one hunnit what you are doing there looks real technical way over my head! You make it look easy dawg I am sure if is for you lol.

  • @MissySnowie said in Best Method to install a ped - in less than 1 minute - with props.:

    where everything written in single line

    I actually prefer it that way. You have to remember that the template was created that way, but OpenIV will accept any format you want.

    So you simply replace the single line with multiple lines using carriage returns or you can copy a ped in multiline format.

    The reason this template and process likely never caught on is likely because it was part of a tutorial and had requirements that should have been identified as optional, but mostly because it was never in the mods section.

    In summary, if your hardware and game support it, you have in theory unlimited addonped folders, each with unlimited peds.rpf archives that can be named whatever you want. This is great for organization, editing, and keeping file size down.

    And your choice of single or multiline meta data.

    The only thing missing in the template was the prop tag.

  • This process starts with an essentially non-populated template, just with some examples which happen to be single line. If you prefer multi-line, then it is supported as well. These are characteristics of text files, not the template itself.

    So if you prefer, use multi-line for customization and single line for everything else, or whatever you want.

    Here is an example of a mixed approach.

    alt text

  • @gtavjamal Thanks bro. I try to share whatever knowledge I've acquired if it can help others.

    Sadly, the expert modders and scripters rarely share or post anything of value here, and it is exceedingly rare that they help anyone, even when they have the knowledge to do so. Don't know and don't care what their motivation is.

    As for my tutorials, I make every effort to test and research what I'm writing about. And I acknowledge they aren't perfect and invite others to comment, suggest, and correct if necessary if I do slip up.

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