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Gta5 Crashes after the intro screen shows two stars

  • Heres is what I've done(not in order),
    Deleted all scripts and mods
    Removed dinput8.dll
    Replaced every file
    Uninstalled and reinstalled
    Uninstalled OpenIv

    No idea what to do, I just wanna play gta :(

  • @earthys said in Gta5 Crashes after the intro screen shows two stars:

    Removed dinput8.dll

    If you removed dinput8.ll, none of you mods will load, you'll be playing Vanilla.
    If that's the case and your game is crashing without any mods, you're on the wrong site, wrong forums because your problem isn't with Mods, it's with your PC hardware and software.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled

    Total waste of time, all you need to do is a verify integrity.


  • you can try to look into the settings.xml of your ".../documents/rockstar games/gta v" folder.
    search for directx values and set it to zero. the line should look like this:
    <DX_Version value="0" />
    maybe that helps

  • @Gelse said in Gta5 Crashes after the intro screen shows two stars:

    <DX_Version value="0" />


    Without any meaningful information from the OP and given that 99% of game crashes are not related to DirectX, your advice is to force the game to use 10 instead of 11? You could be right, maybe 1 in a 100 chance.

    When you hear hoofbeats think horses.

  • since i had the same issue crashing at 2 stars intro screen this is what let my game run again. ingame i returned to old settings and everything was fine again. its worth a try

  • @Gelse Agreed it's worth a try, but it's advisable to follow a process starting with does the game work without mods first.

    The OP didn't give enough information so it would be equally valid to give the following solutions:

    1. Install a gameconfig.xml
    2. Install the packfile mod
    3. Install a heap mod
    4. Find the script breaking your game
    5. Fine the ped breaking your game, etc.
    6. Update all your files
    7. Get rid of your laptop and buy a gaming PC
    8. Install new video drivers
    9. Your save file is corrupt, start a new game
    10. Uninstall NVE
    11. Revert back to a previous version
    12. Replace dinput8.dll with the one from SH5, not the one from system 32
    13. You have too many addons/replaces/scripts/asi installed.

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