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How can I create an extra dlc.rpf file for Add On Ped

  • The limit of dlc.rpf files is 4gb and this prevents me from installing more addonpeds, how can I create extra dlc.rpf files for this, when I created it myself, the pad was not loaded in the game and the menu gave an error

    (sorry for my bad english i used google translate)

  • Two things

    Check if all the ped files actually sum up to total 4gb. Go to the rpf (inside dlc rpf) in which all your ped files are (ydd yft ymt ytd) select all the files there and see what their total size is. If they are lot smaller than 4gb, you need to manually rebuild the dlc pack yourself. Just extract all ped files, delete the rpf, make a new rpf with same name and import those ped files back in. REPEAT this process for the main dlc.rpf too.

    Additionally, you can download Sladin's Kira ped mod and use that dlc to add more peds. Check the structure of that dlc to know how to add peds.

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