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Aggressive Ads

  • What is goin on? When I open then site, every post gets an ad that covers a 3rd of the picture from the mod title up, even the ads have ads. These ads are making it hard to tell what I'm looking at with out having to open each mod page in a new window. & now this site pull more resources than it used to. Everyone needs money but this borders on desperation. Please dial it back.

  • i totally agree, im having the same issue

  • every single spot on the website is covered in ads. glad its not just me.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 Don't like the ads, don't watch them.

  • On desktop it’s not an issue for me but on mobile it’s really bad. The ads take up a quarter of my screen almost and I accidentally click them lol.

    Oh and now I think I’m getting what some others are getting. Ads are covering every mod and their picture lol. Nice.

  • I was just checking through mods atm, and all of em have ads on top of em.
    Yeah, why is this a thing now?


    Concerns have been forwarded to the admins.

    Please also provide screenshots of the situation - personally I don't see the egregious occurrences of content-covering ads (logged out, different browser, no ad/tracking protection).

  • @ikt Here is a screenshot. The ads themselves vary and don't always appear, I get them again when I refresh a couple of times.

  • @ikt
    Example 1 and Example 2. All while I'm signed in and on mobile. The lower ad has always been there but now I'm getting the random ads on all of the mod pictures.

  • @ikt I don’t have any issues on desktop or molbile. Have tried with FF and Opera on Android. FF and Edge on PC. No issues.

  • The site is unbearable due to ads. Can not see content, read descriptions or even navigate.

  • @xAbvAllx-Ki11er
    Yea you’ll just have to wait or find a browser that can block them hopefully.

  • While I don't have any issues with the ads, it's actually refreshing to see a thread where people aren't bitching that scripthookv is broken and Rockstar is the devil.


    [update] no changes were made to the website itself so it's probably the advertisement provider made some unwanted changes, thank you all for the heads up

  • Strange?? I can honestly say i've never had a single ad on this site but I've used an ad blocker since forever. You guys don't use ad blockers?


    @gtavjamal Even without an ad blocker you shouldn't see ads because ads are disabled for verified mod authors.

  • @alloc8or Interesting thanks dawg I didn't know that. Lol I ain't no author tho I just uploaded a couple of liveries a while back.

  • I'm Glad to hear a solution in the works! You moderators are doing the divines work! Thanks!

  • These ads make it impossible for me to look at anything on mobile. They cover entire pictures, seemingly intentionally and it's really bad. This is the worst type and there are several like it. Makes the site damn near unusuable without an adblocker.

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