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[VEHICLE][WIP] Mercedes G Wagon

  • Hi Everyone!! Names Jamie

    This is the first time modeling a vehicle, posting in the forum and first time making DLC for a game. I'm really excited and cant wait to drive something I created. And of course sharing it with the community. I found a decent walk through tutorial series Here on Youtube for the Mercedes G Wagon

    I've been looking into how to rig the vehicle in Zmodeler and It looks daunting and I feel like I have a long road ahead.
    I'm currently just modeling at the moment and getting the hang of that. Its been really fun.

    I'm going to post some updates in this thread as I go and would love any help and advice you guys have.

    So here's my progress so far. and a bit of stats on the model. I'm nervous about staying within LOD budgets for the vehicle, but I think I will figure it out.

    Current Stats:(HIGH LOD / LOW LOD)
    Vertices: 33,498 / 8,752
    Edges: 65,490 / 16,756
    Faces: 31,978 / 7,990
    Triangles 63,956/ 15,998

    Objectives Completed so far:

    Guide Meshes (Meshes for body panels and details to wrap around)
    Hood, Body, Front Fender

    Complete (Ish)
    Front Fender, Main Body Panel

    Currently Working On:
    Front Door Window,
    Reducing Poly Count

    Preview Images IMGUR Gallery
    G Wagon Low LOD
    G Wagon High LOD

  • Rear Doors Added.
    Still working on the vehicle. I added the rear doors.
    Things are going smoothly. I'm not sure how long this will take but it's coming together well. I'll keep the forums updated as I complete certain features.
    Red Mat
    Blue Mat

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