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Script to make Player's ped more vocal

  • Can some make a mod which make player's ped more vocal?

    Here is what I wish to have

    • Voiceline triggers when clip is empty, Shooting, Getting shot, Aiming weapon at someone.
    • Voiceline plays when honking
    • When a police officer is downed (for LSPDFR) (not specifically looking for any kind of integration with LSPDFR. If possible, add this one or don't if it's not)
    • Being able to use different voicelines from different voicegroups.
    • Random voicelines during various scenarios(from scenario here, I mean casual roaming, combat, pursuit etc)
    • An ini file where user can define which voiceline will be played during a particular event/scenario. Separate frequencies of how often the voiceline will trigger during different scenarios.

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